Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kim Jong Il Loves Our Work

Belatedly, here is the piece that Kim Jong-il sent for David Caras and I to use as the foreword for the catalog that accompanied our recent show at NAGA gallery. Whatever one might think of his politics, I think you'll agree the man can write and has exquisite taste.

It is a great honor to applaud, on behalf of all Korean peoples, the artistic accomplishments of Caras David and McKie Todd. Struggling from within the cesspool of degenerate values, these two comrades raise high the banner of Correct Thinking, proving that there is no real art except that which glorifies the masses. True creativity springs not from an unwholesome urge to satisfy capitalist greed, but from the generous impulse to share the fruits of Cultural Labor with our brothers and sisters. Following on the path of Revolutionary Enlightenment leads us to an awareness that Beauty Belongs to the People.

I congratulate Comrades Caras David and McKie Todd on the exposition of their esteemed works of art entitled Hair This Day and Go Away Tomorrow. They have joined together the highest achievments in modern Korean technology with traditional artistic handcraftings. Their selfless collaboration reminds us to remain vigilant against reactionary forces who find merriment in the baldness of others, treating such unfortunate condition with loud jokings and laughters, but instead to strive always to Improve Society. This our two beloved Artistic Comrades have done without ceasing, but never with greater success than in their latest Hair Examples.

I am fortunate to possess a head on which hair grows as abundantly as wheat upon our Eastern Plains, but remember that our true task is steadfast dedication to achieving Social Progress, not in the cultivation of decadent hairstylings.

As we salute the artists, let us not forget to honor the brave cultural workers from the NAGA Museum of Fine Art Treasures who, by determination and Correct Thought have assembled this Great Exhibition. On this historic occasion the Korean people join our American friends in celebrating a Glorious Victory for Progressive Art.

Kim Jong-il
General Secretary of the Workers' Party
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
28 March 2010

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