Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So Tough

David Greenberger has just released his latest CD, So Tough, recorded with his new band, A Strong Dog. David has reproduced several of my paintings on the CD package.

David is a monologist, raconteur, artist, and writer. His source material is the conversations he has had with elderly residents of nursing homes, senior centers, and the like.

I've known David for years, ever since he was a young graduate of Massachusetts College of Art working as the Social Director at a nursing home in Boston. That experience led to his founding of the Duplex Planet, a wonderful publication that features the often hilarious, always fascinating, stories, ramblings, recollections, and rants of the elderly.

To order the CD, go to:  duplexplanet.com/giftshop/cds.html
David's throwing in two issues of the magazine with every purchase. He's that kind of guy.

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