Saturday, March 22, 2014

It'd Be Selfish of Me, Really, NOT to Post this Selfie

Everybody''s taking selfies. Everybody's talking and writing about taking selfies; it's selfies this and selfies that. Madonna's selfie featuring a hairy armpit went viral. Friends worry that Ellen DeGeneres is addicted to selfies; Hollywood scuttlebutt has it she's quitting her show to take them full time. Even the President's taking selfies. Aides claim he spends several  hours a day locked in the Oval Office pursuing his new pastime. To see what Barack Obama shares with friends, send him a friend request.

It struck me recently that I was getting left behind, way behind, in this whole selfie craze; I hadn't taken a single selfie. Sieze the moment! I thought. And put on a clean shirt.

My first selfie isn't as unique as the one of Justin Bieber wearing a shirt, not as courageous as the selfie Joan Rivers took without any makeup, and I'd never presume to put it up against the selfie of John Boehner crying in the Congressional Men's Room. But I believe it's a promising start, and I've already got some ideas I want to explore during my next session.

It's been a rough week. I'm trying to finish a large painting and rewrite a story for a magazine. I simply haven't gotten enough sleep lately. I think that's what accounts for the slight puffiness around the eyes. 

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