Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas in the Keys

We spent Christmas week in the Florida Keys. I love it down there, but Judy doesn't. She thinks it's "too commercial." I don't mind the commercialism--we're Americans, aren't we?--but I wish it had been warmer. I snorkled a few times, but couldn't stay in long because the water was so damn cold. I bought Judy a brand new pair of fins, but she didn't use them; they're still in their package. We walked a bit, swam in the hotel pool which was, thank god, heated. We drove around in our rented Nissan and looked at the sights. We paddled kayaks through the mangroves. We played tennis a couple of times. I fished a little, without luck, or, more precisely, without skill. We didn't see any alligators, but we saw a gigantic iguana in a tree and then we saw it, or its cousin, dead on the beach behind the hotel. Judy read books and I read back issues of the New Yorker. We ate loads of fresh fish and too many key lime pies. Judy says she'll never go back to the Keys and I believe her. She wishes we'd gone to New York instead.

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