Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is This the Winter of Our Discontent? Nah!

We have piles of snow six feet tall in our yard, it's cold as hell, my wife has a broken foot, and I'm heading to the dentist for an unpleasant procedure this morning. The exhibition of my work that opened two weeks ago is not doing well in the sales department. I'm worried about all the snow and ice on our roof. Oh, and we're told to expect 18 inches more snow that will begin falling shortly. In fact, as I glance out the window, I see the first snowflakes falling now. Why, then, am I feeling so happy?

A couple of new short stories of mine have been accepted for publication by 971 MENU and Pure Slush Magazine. PANK's new issue with my story, Tornado Season, hits the stands this week. The Drawing Center in New York has decided to include my work in its Viewing Program which is used by curators, dealers, and collectors. I wake up each morning excited by the day's possibilities.

Throw the old dog a bone.

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